Film Synopsis

Savage Facades is an audio-visual, fashion design, interior design and architecture appreciation piece, taking place in a residence in Mexico City designed by architecture firm Sulkin Askenazi, directed by Sulkin Askenazi & Vile Studio, filmed by Claudio Napolitano, as well as starring the neurotic Sophia Altholz.

This film is meant to provoke aesthetic thirst, hesitant nervousness, and uncomfortable meticulous yearning for an unachievable beauty. The main character is restlessly seeking flawlessness, amidst her seemingly perfect environment, remaining mostly unsatisfied; her inner calm is hanging by a very thin thread. Whether reading a book and spotting a loose twine, or the illusion of hearing sounds from the hidden closet, to the obsessive re-application of red polish after hundreds of tries; she is endlessly seeking perfection, in a loop where it seems unachievable. Perfection is just her exhausted illusion, being triggered by her surroundings of endless wooden squares, acute corners, and pristine design.

Cast & Crew

  • Executive Production


  • Directed by

    Sulkin Askenazi & Vile Studio

    (Jack Sulkin, Gabriel Askenazi,

    Francisco Rondón & Salvador


  • Assistant Director

    Luis Fernando Vasquez

  • Starring


  • Director of Photography


  • Written by

    Francisco Rondón & Salvador

    Hernández in collaboration with

    Jack Sulkin & Gabriel Askenazi

  • Produced by

    Vile Studio & Betsabé Basañez

  • Production Manager

    Betsabé Basañez

  • Interior Design by

    Sulkin Askenazi

  • Still Photography

    Salvador Hernández

  • Music & Sound design

    Daniel Peña

  • Edited by


  • Art Direction by

    Salvador Hernández for Vile Studio

  • Art Assistant

    Jorge Loyola

  • Styling by

    Francisco Rondón

  • Styling Assistant

    Daniela Altamira

  • Hair Stylist

    Sean Derbees

  • Make Up Artist

    Juanma Constantino

  • Nail Artist

    Paulina Andrade

  • Data Manager

    Arturo Silva

  • Gaffer

    Christopher Garnica

  • Staff

    Marco A Vargas

  • Video Assist

    Elihu Aguirre Escobar